Clueless post on The Week about vinyl’s sales resurgence

Peter Weber has a rather clueless story over on about the surprising – at least to him – resurgence in vinyl sales. Where did he get the idea that vinyl has a hiss? That is some bad-ass cassette tape from the 70’s. Can’t understand the warmth? Listen to it on a good stereo system.

The resurgence in vinyl is easy to understand. It’s a collectible. It’s a cool way to listen to vinyl at home, with friends over. Pass around the jacket while the music is playing. Nearly all new vinyl these days comes with the free MP3 code, so you get the best of both worlds.

Used vinyl – do you know how much shit has not been released on CD? Or available online. Or if you just want to build your collection, there’s tons of vinyl available for a buck at most record stores – and most of the rest is priced under $5.

Most importantly, which is gonna sound better? A virgin pressing on 180 gram vinyl, carefully pressed, played on a decent stereo – if not better – or a crappy generic iPod player or shitty laptop speakers. Anyone can hear the sound difference in those.

And that my friend, is leading the resurgence in vinyl sales.

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Free Listings on eBay this weekend! UK site only!

I just found out about this myself- it’s an unpublicized weekend of free listings on eBay!. ¬†Looks like it’s UK only, but just go to the UK eBay site and sign in there.

Here is the link

Normal stuff applies – account in good standing, private sellers only, no pro listing tools.

Good luck – and sell some vinyl!

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Hostgator Go Daddy domains & hosting review

Special Savings! $4. COM with Free Private Registration at GoDaddy!

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A Comparison of eBay and Amazon selling fees

There’s a new story out on old news- Amazon raising their fees and 3rd party sellers bitching. The interesting quote I saw was this. “It costs $3.92 to sell a $10 item on Amazon and $2.72 on eBay, according to Bill Vogel of The Cumberland Companies, which sells on both.” Here’s the link to the whole story Amazon sellers upset

First off, if you’re selling one-off items, it’s a tough way to make a living. If you can list once, but selling (hopefully unlimited) quantities, then it can be worth it. Secondly, I would gladly pay the extra $1.20 to Amazon for storing and shipping the items.

Another thing is Amazon raising the long-term storage fees in February. They let you have the first item in an SKU free, but after that they charge you. If you’re selling a couple a year, what in the world are you doing paying shipping and storage for a year to Amazon. Now you’ve got liquidation fees or disposal fees on top of that. Do your homework before shipping to Amazon. Only ship faster moving items to Amazon. And only ship enough to sell in a year. Mark ‘em down if need be. The long-term storage fee is a good wake up call for items you need to dump, get your money out of, and buy new inventory with.

This doesn’t apply to one of a kind (OOAK)goods that need to wait on the right buyer. Those I feel fine keeping in inventory.

Make sure you turn rate is commensurate with your profit. If you’re only clearing a dollar an item and sell two a year, I’d say it’s not worth it. If you’re selling a couple dozen a week, then yeah, it’s probably worth it.

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Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (MFSL) Price Guide / Discography out now!

My new book “MFSL – A Concise Price Guide / Discography is out! Over 80 pages of price information based on real sales, not hoped for prices. Prices given for sealed, nm and vg+ grades, as well as high sale, low sale, trending, average, and last sale. Very useful guide.

Order now! Buy Now

Also available on Amazon as a paperback and on the Kindle

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Go Daddy’s having a sale – and you’re invited!

Go Daddy’s having a sale – here are your links. Catch the savings! (affiliate links below)

Get Noticed with a $7.99 .Com/.CO from Go Daddy!

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Some tips on selling your Mobile Fidelity (MFSL) lps

I’m finishing up the second edition of “A MFSL LP Price Guide” and I’ve noticed some mistakes people are making in their listings. Here are some tips on getting top dollar for your MFSL lps.

First, condition. Put it right up in the headline. If it’s sealed, say so. Use the record collector’s acronym SS (for still-sealed), but also write out “Sealed”. Don’t say new and leave out sealed, or worse yet, leave out the condition altogether.

Along with this, if the condition is vg+ or less, you might want to think about listing the lps in a lot. VG+ or lesser condition just don’t sell as well. There might be 200 lps of that title sold in the past 5 years, but only 1/2 dozen will be vg+. I haven’t run across any sales in lesser condition. Just lot ‘em up and be done with it.

Next, test pressings do well, even if the lp isn’t a great seller. There are very few listings for them, but many go for over $100. Think about starting at $24.99, with a Buy It Now of $150 or so. Or a Buy It Now of $95 and hope for a quick sale. Your call.

Promos sell, but not for big bucks. This is probably due to the fact that the promos were just gold-stamped on the jacket, not the white label promos that other labels used. Not really that special. The one exception I noticed to this was that vg+ lps will sell if they’re promo-stamped, while a stock vg+ copy will languish.

Third, put MFSL in the title. Many collectors look for the whole run of MoFi lps and use that as their keyword search. Spell the acronym right. So many sellers put MSFL. Actually , if you’re looking to buy MoFi lps, it would behoove you to search for MSFL – might pick up some bargains that way.

If you have enough room in the headline, put MoFi as well. And definitely put the catalog number of the album in the headline too. Do I have to tell you to spell out the complete title of the album and name of the artist as well? You’d be surprised how many sellers fail to do this.

Do your price research. Ebay completed listings don’t go far enough back. Use Terapeak or Collectors Frenzy. Be willing to leave some money on the table by starting low – say 24.99 – and letting the market decide. Prices are drifting downwards and you are not going to get the same dollar for the sealed MFSL lps that you were getting 3 or 5 years ago. There are some sealed copies that are the exception, but by and large this is true.

Good luck, and go sell some records!

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Looking for my book “Maples: A History of the Antioch College Fire Department” by Mikey Chlanda? Click here to order : Maples Book

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Get the good records!

I just read Seth Godin’s latest blog post (read it Seth Godin called “Get the listing”.

If you’re wondering what the hell this has to do with selling vinyl. bear with me. This goes back to what Steve Weber says about bookselling. You only have so much time in the day. Do you want to spend it listing and packing $5 records all day long, or listing and packing 2 or 3 $50 to $300 records?

If you’re a vinylhound like me, the thrill is in the chase, not in the hum-drum listing and packing. Go find the aging jazz collectors looking to downsize their collection of Blue Note deep groove lps with Rudy Van Gelder’s initials on ‘em. Track down those old dj’s that have your hometown’s contribution to Northern Soul or early funk on private pressings. Stop wasting your time hitting up garage sales, getting $5 records for $1.

As Seth says in his post, get the listing. Get the record. If you have the early Blue Notes, selling them won’t be a problem. The corollary to this is to get out of your cheap-ass mindset and be prepared to pay fair value for these records. Giving 20%-30% of market value for high dollar lps will send droves of people your way. So you pay $25 for a $100 record – you’ll clear $50 on just that one record. How many $5 records will you have to find and list to get the same net profit? Not to mention your hourly wage is a helluva lot better.

Much better way of doing business, yes?

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Def Leppard tells record label to get f*cked, rerecords their hits

Def Leppard got tired of their record label screwing them over on their digital royalties, so they rerecorded all their hits note for note! Here’s a link to the article: Def Leppard cuts off Universal

Might create some new collectibles from Def Leppard, so be on the lookout for ‘em.

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